Mae Nak Reborn

tổng số 10 bài đánh giá
thể loại   Horror
thời gian chạy   ---
ngôn ngữ   Thai
khu vực   ---
diễn viên   Olaf Smith   Mai Prangned   Ploy Janthakan  
Trong nhà hát   12/29/22
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cốt truyện của Mae Nak Reborn

Tina adores the story of the ghost Mae Nak, who died in childbirth but came back to life to be by her veteran husband`s side. She feels a similar undying love for her husband Mark, who works in the movie industry. One of his projects requires extra funding, and a friend chips in as he knows the family will have another mouth to feed soon - Tina is already pregnant. One day, in an unfortunate incident, Tina is brutalised and her baby miscarried. No one in her town can identify her attacker, but Mae Nak witnessed everything, and she wants to help Tina get revenge.

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diễn viên của Mae Nak Reborn

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