Pests (MyFFF)

tổng số 10 bài đánh giá
thể loại   Animation
thời gian chạy   7 Minutes
ngôn ngữ   French
khu vực   ---
diễn viên   Director: Juliette Laboria  
Trong nhà hát   01.13
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cốt truyện của Pests (MyFFF)

In the heat of summer, wasps are busy eating beautiful ripe and sweet fruits. But soon, other visitors intrude into the wasps` peaceful life, taking a malicious pleasure in appropriating the precious treasures of the garden. A war is coming, on one side a group of children, and on the other an army of wasps. To each his own weapon. May the best win!

diễn viên của Pests (MyFFF)

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